Tuesday, February 8, 2011


On Friday, I am headed to Ireland for four months.  The purpose of the trip is to fill in the cracks in the research I've already done, and hopefully get two chapters written in the process.  I've packed my computer, my ipod, my ipad and some DVDs.  I am somewhat upset that I can't bring the small-terror-that-is-called-dog.

What is essential for your research trips?  What have you packed that you've regretted?


  1. I always regret that I pack so many books, convinced that in my lonely research travels I will finally read numbers one through thirty on my "to read" list. Never happens and instead I'm left with back pain from hefting my suitcase. A camera is always essential for my trips [do your archives allow photos?], and a pair of sneakers because loneliness breeds long walks/hikes, but otherwise I actually try to pack light in the expectation that I'll end up picking up things abroad (I am always convinced that I'll never have another opportunity to buy that Bavarian ceramic pot...) that take up half my suitcase on the way home

    Have a great research trip!

  2. External hard drive...preferably very large! And my stuffed animal :)